Jesus said some very clear things about how things are. One thing that He said very clearly, “My Kingdom is not of this world.”  Yet there He was, in the flesh, in the world to save the world. Jesus own ministry among us reveals the truth that Christians are to be in the world, not of the world, for the world. Or, as we like to say here at the LCRL, “We are to strive for excellence in all we do, to give God glory and to serve our neighbor in HIS name.”

Our mission is defined by the one who is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. St. Paul tells us to “have His Mindset in us (Ph. 2).” That mindset did not seek to use His stature or His status for His own gain, but to use all that was at His disposal to save those who could not save themselves. That’s why He is the only Lord and Savior. That’s why His actions ALONE can redeem and save the world.

So, we are not the saviors of the world, far from it. But, we can be servants of the Savior who engage the world for His sake. And, the Scripture tells us just how that is to be done. God preserves the world through the Law, through vocations that are called to execute justice on His terms. And God sends His Saving, Word in the flesh, Jesus the Christ to bring life and salvation to all as a gift of grace.

With that in mind, we take up our mission to be part of God’s preserving work, proclaiming His authority to create and to order the world, calling people to civic righteousness at the least, and heartfelt repentance by God’s Spirit. Like others, we are IN the world. But, as people moved to repentance and faith, we are of Christ, so not OF the world. As such we are called to live as He would have us live. To be faithful in our vocations, yes, but to be obedient to Him most of all. And Finally, as His people, not of the world, yet in the world, we are to be for the world, serving our neighbors, our friends, even our enemies by speaking His truth, the truth in Love, calling all people to life and salvation in His name forever! In, not of, but for the world…. what a way to live!