NEWS FROM THE CENTER FRIDAY DIGEST - September 30, 2022 - Divided Families


Your kids leave home: become Woke, march in the Pride Parade, fly the rainbow flag. What to do? Well, be prepared to welcome home all prodigals, but don't rush the process. And whatever you do, don't fall away from the faith to stay close to those who have left it. In doing so, you endanger your soul, but theirs as well.

So, our Lord says, He has come not to bring peace, but division. A family of five will be divided, two against three, three against two. Not because of garden variety grievance, for which there is the Lord's Prayer and mutual forgiveness, as God has forgiven us, but because God's Word is what it is, never changes, and always remains true.

The devil, the world, and our sinful self—the unholy trinity. But in the past twenty years, the world has become a place so hostile that many of us can no longer recognize it. The lies of gender dysphoria, marriage, and the like would be comically absurd if not tragic. Yet, that's the stuff that makes the Woke truly woke. And it's a religion unto itself. Don't be fooled. No man can serve two masters. He will love one and hate the other, or hate one and love the other. Wokeness and Christianity are not two balls to juggle; it's an either-or a, dare I say it, binary.

So what to do? Acknowledge sin, but do not give up the faith. If the prodigal is ever to come home, there must be a home, the Lord's home, to come home to, or it is all for naught. And know that our Lord knows. Then pray and pray and pray.

The Rev. Dr. Peter Scaer is chairman and professor of Exegetical Theology and director of the M.A. program at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind.


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